Which Platform Is Best For Blogging?

Today you have numerous options of platforms to build your blog on, and it can get overwhelming when choosing the right one. While many blogging platforms offer different features and benefits when building a blog, there is a one, which comes with all the features in one.

I’m sure you have already heard the name of this platform, it is super popular among many bloggers, and there’s no surprise why it empowers more than %30 of the entire web today.

So, Which Platform Is Best For Blogging?

Is Wix good for blogging?  No. Is Squarespace good for blogging? No. Is WordPress good for blogging? Damn yes.

WordPress was originally found for the purpose of building blogs, and it has the best features and capabilities for all blogging needs.

Why WordPress is good for blogging?

There are many reasons why this platform is absolutely great for building a blog. We say “great” instead of “perfect” just because it has one little disadvantage. If you are completely new to computing, and your technical knowledge is below the basic level, you may find it difficult starting with WordPress.

It’s because it requires a little technical knowledge to use, and it is not so beginner-friendly compared to other platforms out there. However, everyone who is capable of using Microsoft Word or Excell can build a fantastic WordPress site without any problems.

Since we got the main and only one disadvantage covered, let’s have a look at why this platform is a great choice for building your blog:

1. Unlimited features and capabilities

There’s just limitless things you can do with the WordPress website. This platform allows you to not only build great blogs, but also community forums, membership clubs, as well as the eCommerce stores.

It has over 40,000 different plugins that you can download and install in order to unlimitedly increase your site’s functionality.

Also, if you have some coding knowledge, the sky is the limit of what you can do to the functionality and design of your blog.

2. Best blogging tools

A good amount of content posting and editing tools is what every blogger needs. With WordPress, it’s easy to start writing your content, add media, links, forms, tables or headings. It’s also easy to organize your content by adding pages, categories, and tags.

The interface is designed to easily navigate things, and you should never feel confused or lost with WordPress.     

3. Good for SEO

Every blogger should care about SEO, as it is important to gain organic traffic from Google. There are top digital marketing tools and plugins that you can use with Wordpress, like Yoast SEO, or Google Analytics and they can help you a lot with your marketing performance.

Google just loves to rank WordPress websites. Probably because they load fast, are highly optimized, and self-hosted (don’t include any subdomains)

4. It’s free!

Unlike other website builders where you have to pay a monthly subscription fee, Wordpress by itself comes absolutely free. However, as it is a self-hosted platform, you will need to pay for your domain and hosting, and that can be something from 30$-100$ a year as you start.

There’s just no way how you can have your website running for 100% free, and things still come at the cost at the end. But, WordPress creates the cheapest website building opportunities out there.


If you are looking for a perfect platform to build your blog on – look no further, because WordPress is a king when it comes to blogging. It has enormous capabilities and functions, as well as it is the best for search engine optimization and ranking on Google.

In case you are stuck with something it has a massive community of members behind, which will help you with any question you may have.

Author Bio:

Paul Lian is a content writer at digital marketing blog WayToChanges. His ultimate purpose of blogging is to inspire beginner entrepreneurs to take action and execute their financial freedom goals from doing the same – blogging.  

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