Types Of Tradeshow Printing

Most Popular Types of Tradeshow Printing to BOOST Your Marketing

Print materials play a major role in your tradeshow booths aesthetics and function. Print materials can showcase your brand, your products, and your commitment to quality. Professionally made tradeshow printing materials can make the difference between an attractive and upscale booth versus a thrown together and unprofessional display. There are a number of print materials that can be used during tradeshow events. Various print materials have different purposes and are displayed in different ways.

Booth Backdrops

A well-designed and well-made backdrop can play into both aesthetic and functional aspects of your booth. Booth backdrops can work in cooperation with other physical design aspects or can make your booth seem more upscale and like a physical structure. This is also often the first piece of print material that tradeshow attendees will likely see, The initial impact of your booths printing is displayed on the backdrop, thus making this a vital piece of your booth. Booth backdrops can range in size but are commonly between 8 – 10 feet wide and 7-10 feet tall. With booths that are on average 10 square feet, this backdrop needs to be high-quality and attractive. A high-quality vinyl can be custom designed and digitally printed to ensure a gorgeous and personalized finished product.

Pop Up Banners & Flags

Pop-up banners are perfect for having efficiently set up, high-quality banners for your booth. These can be ideal for increased brand exposure, displaying products and for showcasing any interactive aspects of the booth. Pop-up banners are used with a variety of frames. A-frames, X-frames, Y-frames, Roll-Ups and many others are available. Banners can be made of dense vinyl, mesh vinyl, and Òbanner softÓ fabric. In addition, pop-up banners can be quickly taken down and retracted into very manageable sizes, which makes them perfect for traveling and for future uses.

Flags are also forms of banner products that be taller than a pop-up and allow your booth to stand out as attendees walk down isles. Flags are commonly made of Polyester, as the material fade-resistant, waves well in the lightest of breezes and is not heavy like vinyl. Flags can be made in a range of shapes including, blade, teardrop, rectangle, leaves and other custom shapes.


Brochures are ideal for informative uses. Brochures relay your businesses services, specific advantages, any specific sales or FAQs about the business and more. These can be provided both as an informational outlet while in the booth, and as a takeaway that reminds consumers of your business after the show has concluded. Effective brochures utilize eye-catching imagery and crisp designs that invite attendees to look more. Brochures should outline your business-specific benefits, such as saving money, best in the industry, resale value or other benefits, rather than simply outline services. Brochures tell consumers what you can do for them, not simply who you are. Lastly, brochures need to invite consumers to take the next step with a clear call to action.

Promotional SWAG

Promotional swag or takeaways are items that you hand out to your attendees. These items can be as small as a pen or as large as a t-shirt. Though, swag needs to be branded, useful and cost-effective for you. In order to make the most from your swag, utilize lesser and upper-cost items. This way you can have general giveaway items and keep higher value swag for customers that show genuine interest in your services. A high-quality swag item can promote brand loyalty and be effective for closing potential clients.

Large Banner Printing

Large print banners showcase an established business. These banners can be up to 50 square feet and can be installed with grommets so they can be hung from tradeshow ceilings. Large-scale banners can also be spread across the walls of a tradeshow. These can attract attendees from across the event. These large banners need to focus on quality and simplicity. It is recommended to focus on your brand name and or logo, rather than design large scale banners that carry an abundance of text. Dense vinyl is ideal for hung up large-scale banners as it will not wave as well as will showcase very detailed and clean images. Mesh vinyl provides a more malleable feel and look to the vinyl, which is better for wall applications.

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