Top 10 Freelance Websites

Many employers adopt a freelancing system to reduce expenses and increase productivity. This eliminates the need for training staff and offers them the freedom to only hire employees on demand. It also shortens the hiring process. Outsourcing work to freelancers enables employers to access unlimited poll of professionals who are not restricted by geographical locations.

freelance websites and their fees

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Freelancers, on the other hand, have the pleasure to work at their selected time provided they complete the tasks on time. Research conducted by Red Rick research in 2014 established that most graduates prefer freelancing as opposed to full-time employment since that have access to a better work-life balance, besides them not having to travel to and from work each day. Also, freelancing can enable one to grow career wise since it can be full time or part time and the various jobs require different skills.

Due to convenience, freelancing has become popular in different parts of the world. Research by freelancer union and Upwork in 2017 found out that freelancers grew three times more compared to the US workforce since 2014. It also suggested that about five million part-time freelancers were ready to quit their jobs for full time freelancing careers.

Freelance sites are useful to both individuals and businesses. But how do you locate an ideal freelancing website? To start with a perfect site must offer the opportunity to meet with your potential employees or employers.

However, it can be an uphill task to select who meets you need based on a large number of applications available. To make it easier to choose, we have compiled top 7 freelance sites suitable for both beginners and experts. You can also discover more about these sites by checking our freelance website guide.

  1. People per hour

It is a simple freelancing platform that connects employers to a potential employees. They have limitations on the work you can post. You have to clearly state the specifics and the requirements when posting your job. The platform allows you to view the freelancer profiles alongside their hourly rates.

People Per Hour is the site for top-ranking talent and high-end clients. This website has a solid premium escrow system and excellent customer protection tools to prevent fraud. Besides, they have a reliable review-check system that makes challenging to influence reviews. The seller can only see the buyer’s reviews after posting theirs.

Buyers have to send own reviews to checkmate for the services offered by the sellers in the platform as a quality check. This system guarantees that buyers will receive high-quality services from the sellers.

  1. Fiverr

This site has grown from paying freelancers $5 to any task to a reliable website where you can get professionals to help in any project. It is now one of the best solutions for both business and individuals seeking help for their projects. Fiverr is the ideal freelancing site for professionals such as Word press experts, programmers, Graphic designers, voice-over actors, and illustrators to name a few.

At Fiverr the services are referred to as gigs, one gig has a value of $5. Members who are past level 1 can offer services in multiple gigs.

  1. Toptal

This site is one of the most difficult to sign in. You have to be competent in your field to gain access to the platform. It is only 3% of applicants who are admitted. This suggests how rigorous the application process is, but freelancers in this site earn an excellent compensation. Their freelancers have unique modes of sharing information and interacting.

Toptal was founded by two tech fanatics Breanden Beneschott and Taso Du Val in the Silicon Valley in 2010. They aimed to fill a void in the fields of software engineering and design by linking talented freelancers to employers.They have limited their jobs to developers and designers but under different subcategories.

  1. is among the leaders in the freelancing arena. They allow employers to tap the services of both local and global professionals. The platform is easy to join. It offers a safe payment system besides different membership categories and professional ranking. site hosts both individuals and groups who avail services in over eight categories. This makes it possible for the employers to choose the Guru or freelancer who has the skill set that matches their requirements.

The platform is also easy to use. Employers can post a job or search for freelancer’s right at the homepage and get proposals. The platform has an enterprise solution that large businesses can use to manage their work and talents. Besides, they can access personalized help from Representatives.

  1. UpWork

This is one of the freelancing sites where you can get any form of professional help. You can access the services of attorneys, engineers, doctors, etc. Joining the site is free, and freelancers are awarded connects they use to bid for jobs. The site retains 20% of what the freelancers earn.

The Upwork platform is strict and ensures thorough checks to protect their clients from scams. Upwork restrict their members to work in the platform to minimize the risk of fraud. Freelancers can also subscribe for alerts if a job is posted in a category of choice.

  1. Simply Hired

Simply hired appeal to all individuals. They offer different services even the very basic. A construction worker will find an employer in this site. They also provide advice and tips on how to succeed in the platform. Freelancers have aces to employers from 24 different countries in 12 different languages.

With Simply Hired, you can limit your search to a specific job in a localized area. The website also offers statistics about your local job market.

Simply Hired has a robust “telecommute” Search engine you can use to locate work posted on job boards with home office positions. This telecommute option allows you to link to company websites with remote locations.


This site allows you to get fast and affordable online assistance for the project. After posting your project, you receive bids from interested freelancers, and you can select the best based on their past work and reviews. The website mainly focuses on SEO marketing, website development, mobile development among other online based jobs.

If you have any other exciting freelance site we have missed in this list, kindly share your thoughts with us. We will be glad to know of what has worked for you in the freelancing world.

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