Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms

Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms

As an Affiliate Marketing Coach, I’m often asked, “P.j., What is a Blog?”  So, before we jump into the list of the Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms available today,  Also, check out the Best Free Blog Sites Builder and some outstanding free training.
 Best Blogging Platforms
noun: blog; plural noun: blogs
  1. 1.
    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
verb: blog; 3rd person present: blogs; past tense: blogged; past participle: blogged; gerund or present participle: blogging
  1. 1.
    add new material to or regularly update a blog.
    “it’s about a week since I last blogged”
    • write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in a blog.
      “he blogged the Democratic and Republican national conventions as an independent”

1990s: shortening of weblog.

Blogging has actually been around for quite some time, but recently has shown a tremendous increase in popularity.  Blogs can take the mundane and somewhat boring website and help it become an interactive web traffic machine.  The search engines love high quality unique content, but when you add engaging activity, your web traffic can explode.  Additionally, blogs have allowed regular people become authorities on their chosen topics.  This creates outstanding marketability by creating a public following and with the right advertisement copy and perhaps good email automation, a solid residual income revenue stream.

Why Should I use One of the Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms ?

Learning Javascript, CSS and HTML coding can take years to master and for some, years to become somewhat proficient. Blogging platforms allow anyone willing to learn to become proficient in a very short period of time.  You are given an intuitive interface with the resources and essential tools needed to create a professional online presence.  A few of these top 5 best blogging platforms are used by huge organizations and a growing number of Fortune 500 companies to solidify their public image and help make sales.  Blogging websites can turn a standard brick and mortar business without an online presence into a raging success in no time.

Within the online marketing repertoire, blogging has become essential, especially for small to medium businesses. Content marketing, Branding, pay-per-click marketing are all major factors in driving clients to companies in the shortest period of time possible.

The Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms for 2015

Okay, I’m going to go against my norm and give you this list of Top 5 Blogging Platforms in reverse (descending) order, leaving the best for last.

Quora –  Quickly becoming one of the top online Question and Answer forums on the web, Quora has become majorly popular with topic experts and anyone with in-depth knowledge in specific fields or industries.  You’ll find many professionals there sharing their expertise and technical skills.  Quora is a great place to show your brand authority and help build or maintain a solid online reputation.

While not for the novice, this site is fantastic for search engine optimization (SEO) off-page factors and technical experts.  The average active Quora users gain 30,000 views on their author profile blog posts.  The other blog platforms don’t even come close to that, but again, many of the authors are experienced professionals.
top 5 best blogging platforms quora

  • Active and strong community with good author profile system and ability to create multiple author profile blogs
  • Wide range of topics in which to brand yourself and develop authority and online reputation
  • Community topic editing (much like a wiki page in that single respect)
  • Links are indexed nearly immediately from my personal experience


  • Unlike the other 4 of this list of top 5 best blogging platforms, it’s Quora is not really a good tool for personal blogs or journals
  • Customization is quite limited and it took me some time to figure out how to add images and anchor text links.

Summary – Quora is a blogging platform best suited for technical experts, topic matter experts and professionals.  Fantastic for indexing, but difficult to use.

Medium – As opposed to the beginnings of blogging platforms and their cluttered appearance that seemed to used every millimeter of your monitor’s screen space, more of the later blogging platforms have chosen to go the cleaner minimalist visual approach.  I do like this fresh appearance with Medium.  Developed by the founders of Twitter, Evan and Stone Williams, Medium has  a cute “upvote” mechanism for blog posts much like Reddit and Digg.

Having only begun back in 2012, Medium is fairly new to the blogging platform arena, but gaining in popularity quite fast.  Additionally, the registration process is quick and painless and you’ll need Zero experience to get started fast.  Medium is presented in such a clean and clear approach that would appeal to professionals in just about any industry, but I feel it’s more in tune for pro writers that want to showcase their talents with little or no distractions.

Best Blogging Platforms Top 5 Medium

As you’ll notice, there are zero popups, no advertising whatsoever in Medium’s minimalist approach.

So, here’s the good and  bad for Medium:


  • Clean and Crisp layout
  • No skills needed
  • Good social interface to interact with others
  • Rapidly growth


  • Zero customization – well, except font sizes, profile image and background image
  • The search and discovery for content needs work

Summary – Medium is a great place to get your feet wet if you’re creating an online presence as a professional writer, freelance content marketer or just want a clean minimal journal for blogging.  Affiliate marketing and other online businesses would be best suiting using Medium as a secondary blog.

Tumblr – Housing over 220 Million Blogs and over 103 BILLION blog posts, Tumblr has been around for quite some time and remains a steady contender.  Since recently be purchased by Yahoo for a not so paltry $1.1 Billion, Tumblr has been revamped and is easy for the teenager and novice blogger to use and post their first blog post in actually seconds from registration.

Tumblr is more of what’s known as a micro-blog and incorporates more of the features of a fully functional blog intersecting with Twitter-like functions.  The following and average blog author is young and the presentation is nice as clean or professional as most.  This is definitely not the best blogging platform for a professional business and branding or content marketing.  But, it’s a solid free online blogging tool to help determine if blogging is something you want to do.

best blogging platforms tumblr


  • Micro-blogging with cross between full blog and Twitter
  • Fast start and easy to use


  • Not very professional
  • Owned by Yahoo, so advertisements might be around the corner
  • Definitely not good for long content (articles)

Summary:  Tumblr is a good tool to get your feet wet and see if blogging (or, micro-blogging, really) is something for you.  Fast to learn, but a very young audience and terrible for long articles.  Be brief or go home.

Blogger – Formerly known as Blogspot, Blogger was acquired by Google back in 2003.  You simply use your acount credentials and you can put up your first blog website for free with little hassle.  You’ll first use a subdomain off their main domain, but can purchase your own domain name and they have good instructions on how to direct it to replace the subdomain.

Of course, being now owned by Google, Blogger has the advantage of  “Google Love” and scalability.  It is accessed quickly from your Google Home Page and your content is indexed quickly also.  Also, this platform has the number 2 spot in my Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms mostly for it’s easy drag-and-drop interface for new blogger admins.  Additionally, one of my residual income streams comes from Google Adsense which is quickly integrated and connected – again via your Google credentials.  It’s easy to use and somewhat flexible, but there are a limited number of plug-ins (feature modules) available as well as blogging templates.

best blogging platforms blogger


  • Easy to learn and get started
  • Clean, uncluttered interface and good for long copy
  • Easy integration for Google Adsense and Google Analytics


  • Not suited for professional business websites as the plugins are limited
  • Totally owned by Google
  • No ability to sell your website

Summary: Much like Tumblr, Blogger is a great place for individual owners to try their hand at blogging and determine if it’s a good fit.  Although, arguably, the system is a full blogging platform, it ranks number 2 on my list because it lacks full widget / plugin capabilities and you can transfer the website.

The Number 1 of the Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms available today:

WordPress – First released in 2003, WordPress is arguably the epitome of a fully functioning professional website for anyone to use.  Now, powering more than 60 million websites, offers a free script that can be downloaded to your computer and uploaded to most website providers, although most web hosting providers such as Bluehost offer a one-click type install.  (See more – How to Start a Blog on WordPress, Step-by-Step).

Additionally, you can begin on their own platform to check it out, but you’ll need to upgrade to one of their premium packages for full functionality. This is a clean, professional blogging platform with extreme flexibility and used by major companies with a small, medium or large online presence.  Not only does WordPress off the ability to create a fantastic “front-end” website, there are options for forums, membership websites, collaboration and social interactions.  Basic Search engine optimization (SEO) is a snap and in little time, most can learn how to create stunning photo galleries and showcase their professional results easily.  Lastly, there are e-Commerce and newsletter plugins available for free.

Best Blogging Platforms WordPress

As mentioned, WordPress can be accessed on their own hosting platform, but is limited.  You can download it yourself and try your hand at a manual install or use a dedicated WordPress site like Bluehost mentioned above for a $12 to $15 monthly fee.  Yes, you can find it cheaper, but I assure you Bluehost is the best for speed and ease of use.  Their support is solid also.


  • Highly Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Huge community support on
  • A huge number of plugins and themes


  • Can get complicated when scaling

Summary:  Wordpress is well-tuned for individual bloggers, professionals, small, medium or large businesses. is a great place to get started, but can get difficult when upgrading and needing support.  Bluehost has solid support via chat or phone.

Now, if you want to know the best and absolutely free place to check out WordPress, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  With WA, you can get 2 fully functional WordPress websites to begin your personal or professional online business immediately.  Their free starter package also comes with LIVE support and the best web-based training available online.  You’ll learn how to build a WordPress website fast and effectively and beyond that, what you won’t get anywhere else is how to market your WordPress website and begin receiving traffic.

All of this is absolutely free.  No credit card needed!

best blogging platforms Wealthy Affiliate

free blogging sites start

See You On The Inside!

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57 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms

  1. Wow, I love how you have broken everything down to make it easier to understand! You even broke down the definition of the actual word Blog. This was very interesting to read! I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and absolutely love being a part of the friendly and helpful community!
    Great Post!

    1. Thanks much, Chelsea! WA is a fantastic community and we’re happy to have you as such a valuable asset! cheers!


  2. I truly and sincerely got caught up on your website. Certainly for no other reason than your content which pulls a visitor in if by chance they are looking for relevant information. Keep up the great work and I will become one of your key visitors. You be blessed now!

  3. I love a good top 5! This is great information you presented here…you were very thorough in explaining the positives and negatives of each blogging platform, and a couple of these blogging platforms I didn’t really know about. I agree that WordPress is the top blogging mechanism we have out there now. Thanks!

  4. PJ, This is a very interesting and well constructed web post. So interesting that I have just spent the afternoon following your links and reading about organisations you have mentioned.

    I had a look at ClickBank but am a bit confused as to what they offer. And I read their conditions which were also confusing. So I will put them on hold at the moment.

    I am interested in your residual income comments and would welcome any suggestions you may have.

    Cheers, Helen

    1. Thanks much, Helen. Residual income is KING for sure. And, Wealthy Affiliate can help you get there. Feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to assist.

  5. Great insights provided on the blogging platforms, I am using WordPress, and i knew about Blogger, but others are fairly new to me, I have an account on Quora, but never knew that I can write by blogs in there, I have known Tumblr as a social networking site, but your article gave me good knowledge about it, I will check it out and medium is a totally new stuff for me, never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing such a great knowledge

    1. Awesome, Kunal. Glad to help. Use them and create anchor text to your main sites. This will create traffic and get you some “Google Love” !

  6. Great post Germain! I found some new info for myself your post. I like the whole idea of writing such a post and explaining to people which blogging platforms are the best ones on the web. I think many people looking for this type of info will benefit from your experience and will be pointed in the right direction. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of options both to their paid and free members and anyone can try their top-notch system for free. To be honest, I don’t know any other program that offers the same for free.

  7. Hey PjGermain, I must commend you on a your beautifully designed website, I’m truly jealous since mine is no comparison.You content is well prepared short and straight to the point which is what most readers need to keep their attention on your post. I hope you keep up the good work.

    1. Hello Hamilton, don’t be jealous. It’s work in progress and I have simply been doing this awhile. Stay focused and work at your pace. I try to always remember, there is always someone that knows more and something new I can learn! Cheers!

  8. Out of all the options you’ve mentioned above I would say that Blogger is probably the safest option in terms of ranking. It is unfair but…anything Google owns is always going to get the nod ahead of everything else ( just look how YouTube Videos rank! ).
    Some other options here I had never heard of before today – do you have any experience using the tumblr platform?

    1. Agreed, Chris. Yes, I have accounts on all of them. I use a plug-in that auto-posts partial content to my Tumbler account.

  9. Good information on this post. Out of 5 blogging platforms you mentioned here, the first 2 are completely unknown for me. I have heard about Tumblr, but just heard. So I must thank you for this useful text.

    I myself use WordPress and I find it simply perfect. As I have heard Google likes it as well. Is this correct? Did not understand, what you mean by scaling?

    1. Yes, Jovo, you are correct. Because WordPress is a CMS, it is somewhat already structured for SEO and gets a lot of attention from the Google Search engine. Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

  10. Thanks for this review. I agree with you that WordPress is hard to beat. I just started using it this year and have found it to be easy to use, easy to learn and quite versatile. Additionally, there are many online experts who freely share their knowledge about WordPress, so if you are confounded by something, help is often a mouse click away. You mention the concept of scalability. Can you elaborate on this?

    1. Awesome, Mike., b

      Sure, one of the wonderful things about the WordPress CMS is that it’s easy to scale the growth of your website. For instance, there are many themes available for WordPress as you know, but there are also many “child themes” that can be incorporated to give a new look to a particular section of your website – perhaps a page category or different departments of the company.

      Additionally, you can install another instance of WordPress in a sub-directory if you wish to keep the databases separated.

      Lastly, there is a version of WordPress known as WPMU or WordPress Multi-User. This allows you to install WordPress on a dedicated server and allow others to build their blogs on your platform – either for free or for profit. You can control the themes available as well as the plug-ins. It’s quite flexible and also free.

      I hope that helps, Mike. Thanks for the comment!


  11. Dear PJ,

    Thanks for your time and effort creating this blog post article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every word. Highly informative and self engaging to get out there and embark in a Blogging Adventure of epic proportions this these Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms. I am so happy that you mentioned WordPress here, if it weren’t for WordPress, I wouldn’t find blogging easy anywhere else but their platform only. I love the simplicity of it and another bonus is you can always ask for help from other people who have experience with WiedPress since most internet marketeers would have probably started off their website foundation at WordPress only. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  12. You created a nice site, very nicely explained in details. I agree that wordpress is the best blogging platform. It bothered me a little that you promote jaaxy like it’s free, it’s not free, there are only 30 free limited searches. I would rather be honest, that’s the only thing that i would correct. Otherwise a great site and very useful info.
    Best regards

  13. My thoughts for offering comments this evenig took me on a visit to an interesting location. I found a post that was going to define the top 5 bloggin platforms.

    After reviewing the post I realized I was on a site that had used on of these platforms. This was a good looking site overall with a few minor problems. Not a big deal because they are spelling and grammer errors that make us all human.

    You have done a good job putting this website together.

  14. Hi

    I spent some some time on your site and read through a lot of information, which I can honestly say you have done very well and presented it honestly and in a way that your readers can relate to and easily understand without the usual condescending pitch I often see online.

    well done and wishing you every success for one Wealthy Affiliate to another.

    Kindest regards

    1. Thanks very much, Gary. I have been through the “ringer” with a lot of so-called online “business” opportunities and lost thousands of dollars on empty promises. Wealthy Affiliate is by far superior and the best training online. Thanks very much for your comments and stopping by. Best wishes brother!



  15. Hi!
    Very good article, thanks so much for posting it.
    I was not familiar with Quora or Medium.
    I have used Blogger but was not very happy with it as things kept disappearing on me.
    I think WordPress is by far the superior choice all around, and many companies are sprouting up around this platform, including Wealthy Affiliate which is where I started using WordPress myself.
    Are you as member there? I love everything about the place!


    1. Hi Shawn, I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, I’m a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been around the online marketing arena for over a decade. I have tried just about every online business opportunity around and lost thousands on scams and covert pyramid schemes. Wealthy Affiliate is the best online marketing training around and the price to start is just right: FREE. For others reading this, be sure to see my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Thanks for the comments Shawn!!

  16. Dear PJ,

    This is a very informative and quite grand Blog Post Article. I was not aware of the changes that have been done to Blogger which is now called as BlogSpot since it has become owned by the Gentle Giant Google. Nor did I realize that Yahoo bought Tumblr as well. For the most part, I have to agree with you on WordPress being the best of the bunch you mentioned here. I love the Plugins, the Themes behind it, and it seems fairly easy to use really. The overall design of WordPress is outstanding. 🙂

    Which is your most favorite on this list before encountering WordPress? 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments both now and always above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Hi Angel,

      Yep a lot has changed and it can be a challenge to keep up. But, WordPress rocks and you can get full access to it on an optimized platform with Live marketing training absolutely free. For full details on how to begin a successful online business, be sure to visit my Wealthy Affiliate Review page.

      Thanks for the comments and for stopping by!


  17. Hey there!
    Very informative article! I totally agree with you that WordPress is the number one blogging platform. I have used it for just two months and I already get the hang of it. Actually I don’t have any prior experience in building blogs or website but with wordpress I managed to make one. Did you download your wordpress software?

    1. Hi John, you can download the software yourself and install it on your webserver, if you know what you’re doing. You can obtain the software and install instructions from But, I prefer to use Wealthy Affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get the software already installed and it’s fully featured unlike Additionally, with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s already loaded on optimized servers and ready to go with fantastic training and Live support.

  18. Thanks for clearing up the definition of a blog, P.J 🙂 I more understanding of one now!

    I have definitely heard of bllogger and also WordPress, and WordPress seems to be the top recommended blogging platform by many website owners.

    Since WordPress is the best blog platform out there, I’m going to run with it 🙂

    Cheers for the breakdown of the 5 platforms…


  19. Hi Pj.
    Thanks for the English lesson at the top of your page. I learned some more things about blogging platforms from your site. And because I’m also a member of WA The platform that I use by default is WordPress. So your review has help me to look at blogging platforms a new way.

    Very informative. I love it.


  20. When I first looked at the length I was a bit intimidated, but after finishing the first paragraph I just got pulled in. clean defined pages and a great thorough review on each topic. I never even Knew Quara was a blog! I’m using WordPress as my main website, but it would never hurt to diversify and use these other platforms to get a feel for how they work. Wealthy affiliate definitely seems to have it all as well considering you get two domains absolutely free.

    1. Oh, Quora isn’t on the WordPress platform. But it is good, just not as flexible as WP.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best way to learn WordPress, get it fully featured with experienced marketers available to answer questions and provide helpful tips each step along the way!

  21. Hi there PJ,

    Blogging is a great way to express ourselves in writing and also to communicate with new people online. These blogging platforms that you have just recommended are great to do just that especially with Medium and Tumblr where the blogging community already exists.

    Business blogging on the other hand, needs a more strategic approach whereby your brand should also be made visible to other users online. That’s where optimizing for search engine comes in and for that purpose, I strongly recommend using WordPress.

    Even though there’s a bit of learning curve, the result is way better than having your blog embed in micro communities where the content can be out of reach from search engine visibility.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I couldn’t agree more. What a well though-out comment and approach. Thanks so much for stopping by and providing more insight!



  22. I remember when I first started to blog; I didn’t know that I can generate revenue from the things that I was writing about. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me so much already in the one month that I have been using it. I love that they have implemented WordPress into their system because when I’m typing anything can go wrong like a power outage or a slip of the power cord. In that instance I could very well lose all of my work if it were not for the auto save draft process in WordPress. It is absolutely a great tool to use for blogging.

    Good stuff!


    1. Awesome Chris, I couldn’t agree more. The managed WordPress system offered by Wealthy Affiliate is outstanding. Even free members can build a website, get free hosting, a domain name and earn residual income monthly. The WordPress platform is incredibly flexible and easy to use.

      Thanks for stopping by!



  23. Great article. I haven’t heard of the first three blogging platforms that you mention, but have used Blogger and WordPress.

    I have loved both of them but WordPress is by far the superior. The great thing about Blogger though is it is easy to rank on Google with possibly because as you say Google owns them.

    1. Hi Michel,

      Yep, I first began on Blogger, but later found WordPress much more flexible due to all the themes available and, of course, the nearly infinite and ever-increasing number of plug-ins.

      thanks for stopping by!


  24. Hello PJ
    Nice article on blogging.
    I have been in the internet marketing game a lot of years and never had the inclination to ‘Blog’. Mostly this was because I neber seemed to have the time to do it and keep up with my marketing efforts as well.
    Yet as a member of wealthy affiliate I publish a blog at least once a week.
    Usually this is information either based on my own experience or from research I do on the net to put together info that will help my fellow members.
    Perhaps after reading your article I might give Blogger a go because I can link it to my Google+ accounts.
    What do you think – good idea or not?
    Have a nice day.
    Robert Allan

    1. Hey Robert,

      It’s tough to maintain more than one blog at a time. I do it. 🙂 But, if you can, it could serve you well as far as syndicating your content and creating backlinks. You can discover more about this in the Wealthy Affiliate community! I’ll be happy to touch base with you there!



  25. Thanks, you did a great job of explaining the pro’s and cons of the different blogging platforms. If I understand you correctly, Blogger and WordPress dot org are the only two platforms one can use for earning an online income? And that a WordPress dot org blog is the only site you can own outright? Are there perhaps other platforms not on your list where you can own the blog?

    1. Hi Henning, Oh no, forgive me for giving that impression. is the main website for the developers of the WordPress program. is where you can build a website and earn income, BUT, the feature set is limited unless you purchase an upgrade. Wealthy Affiliate has a managed WordPress platform without the limits and full support and training, even for new members at zero cost. Yes, there are a few other platforms out there, but none as powerful and flexible as WordPress on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I highly urge you to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover how to take advantage of the best residual income opportunities.

  26. Hi PJ! I’ve used most of these platforms, and I can agree that WordPress is the best. Quora is more for Q&A, and Tumblr is just a cesspool of bad behavior. I’d say some parts of it are basically 4chan, if you’re familiar with it. I haven’t heard of Medium before, so thanks for having it here! It looks promising.

    I would say the best thing about WP compared to the others is that it lets you have your own site. The others are just “in-site” blogs. Not that those are bad, but it’s a good idea to fully own at least one of your sites.

  27. Hi PJ, I don’t know Tumblr that much until I met a few youngsters who use it as a blog. I have a few questions actually;

    1) What’s the difference between blogging and micro-blogging?
    2) Can affiliate marketing be integrated with Tumblr platform? Do they allow direct posting of affiliate links?
    3) What other ways you can monetize from Tumblr besides advertisement?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Blogging is typically done on a full-blown blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger, “micro-blogging” is done on a simpler, less flexible platform such as Tumblr, EverNote, or even Facebook.

      Yes, affiliate marketing can be “integrated” with Tumblr in so much that you can help your SEO rankings and even market some of your work via Tumblr. Yes, Tumblr does allow affiliate links.

      I think the only constraints on Tumblr as far as monetization is our creativity. Much like any other platform, whatever ways you can think to produce marketing copy that converts will work.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  28. Very interesting read – I’ve been looking into various website builders and blog setups over the last month, this article will certainly help!
    Everyone seem to be indicating that wordpress is the bomb but how freindly is it to newbies – is it a drag and drop system or is it a little more dynamic than that (i.e. difficult!)?

  29. I agree WordPress has the best optimization for blogging and really gives you the ability to have all of the tools for a blog. Wealthy affiliate has the best hosting that I know of, as the SiteRubix takes all of the troubles out of running a WordPress blog. Hosting with WordPress is expensive. The SiteRubix gives all of the WordPress features to try for free, and having a domain is the WA membership price, plus $15/year depending on the domain name. WordPress hosting with all features outside of WA is like $99/month. This is quite a steal.

  30. Hello friend,

    Thanks a lot for sharing these top 5 blogging platforms. I have heard about about Blogger, Quora and WordPress before. But I(have never heard about Weblog and I never knew there is one called Medium which was developed by the founders of twitter.

    But in all, my favorite has always been WordPress – since working with it is so easy and user friendly. I also like your recommended program Wealthy Affiliate for the FREE Training you said they give on how to build a WordPress website and make money out of it.

    I think I have to give it a try and see how it works since i’m not required to pay anything.

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