Tips for Optimization of WordPress for SPEED

Tips for Optimizing a WordPress Site for Maximum Page Load Speed

A WordPress site that has been optimized for speed improves the visitor’s experience and also makes the site interesting, secure and stable. A WordPress site that is properly optimized loads media and pages quickly, it can be used on different devices (mobile, PC, etc.), the site doesn’t feature broken elements or error messages, and the site is protected from all forms of malicious attacks. There are some essential tips that can help a user optimize the WordPress site for speed, these tips are briefly highlighted in this write-up.

Better WordPress Speed

How to Speed Up WordPress

1. The use of a minification plugin speeds up the loading time of WordPress sites.

The plugin reduces the number of JavaScript files and CSS elements that ought to be downloaded. Multiple JavaScript and CSS files are combined into a single Javascript and a single CSS file of reduced size. This reduces the download time of such files. Prior to using a minification plugin, the backup for the WordPress site should be taken just in case something goes wrong after installing the plugin. This allows the user to easily restore a working version of the WordPress site.

2. Users can also build cacheable sites; this allows the system to load static contents such as CSS, images and JavaScript files using a specific caching source dedicated for the purpose.

It is quicker to load such contents from the cache compared to loading from the server. Building a cacheable site optimizes WordPress sites for speed.

3. To further optimize WordPress sites for speed, users can compress site images using a Plugin such as WP SmushIt.

Loading large images slows down the site performance; the use of an image compression plugin reduces the size without tampering with the quality of the image. However, there are a few limitations to bear in mind when using image compression plugins.

4. Users should enable a content delivery network to boost the speed of the WordPress site.

A content delivery network (CDN) has a collection of servers located in different parts of the world. CDN helps the site load different contents quickly. There is reduces traffic generated when using CDN because the content is loaded from different servers thus improving the performance of the site. Little or no configuration is required to load your static contents from WP engine to a content delivery network. WP engine gives the user control over disabling or enabling CDN. WP engine also manages the re-writing of URLs and the distribution of contents on WordPress sites.

5. Users should also optimize the home pages to load quickly. A precise WordPress home design helps the site to load faster.

There are so many things to do to optimize the loading time of your home page. They include; removal of inactive widgets and plugins, reduction of the number of posts on a page, avoid showing full posts (use of excerpts is good enough), and the removal of sharing widgets that aren’t important. The database on the WordPress site can also be optimized to improve the site performance.

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