The Unorthodox SEO Technique You’ve Got To Try

These days, any website content writer worth their salt knows generally how to write content that appeals to search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a talking point for so long in the industry that you’re probably sick of hearing about it. Even I get tired of it from time to time, and it’s what I do.

The best content writers will apply the most frequently-used techniques, and they’ll apply them well. Properly-written content can soar to the first page, and that’s alright.

After all, they deserve it. They know their craft, and they’re putting it to work.

Thinking Outside The Box

But there’s one unorthodox SEO technique that not many creators are employing right now. As it happens, I came across it completely by chance, and—taking Bob Marley as my inspiration—I figured, heck. Why not share it?

This one strategy will revolutionize the way you think about your content. Whether you’re a beginner website content writer or an experienced pro, this one tip is going to be a game-changer.

Ready? Here it is.

Re-Work Your Published Content

Sounds crazy, right? Who wants to go and spend even more time on content they’ve already labored over?

Valuable Content

For many of us, finally getting a draft we’re happy enough with to publish is an achievement in itself. I know myself how much of a relief it can be to finally get the piece out of Word and onto the Internet.

However, if you’re not re-working your old blogs and articles, you’re missing out on a potential lottery ticket when it comes to SEO.

Organic Traffic

The thing to realize is that old content you’ve published is possibly still generating organic traffic. And if people are still clicking onto your article, even this much later, why on Earth wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?

Fortunately, turning your old pieces into brand-new, shiny, and relevant articles isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

organic traffic

Like the title says, this is all about re-working. Not working, not inventing, not creating. Just re-working.

Start From The Top

You can start from the headline of your piece. Adding in a figure can be a good way to spice it up. E.g. ‘Real Estate Mistakes,’ could become ’13 Ways You’re Harming Your Real Estate Practice.’

‘Eli Manning’s Killer Arm,’ could turn into ‘5 Times Eli Manning Showed Us What He Could Do.’

You get the idea, right? It’s not that difficult, even for an inexperienced website content writer. And once you’ve got the headline re-vamped, it’s just a matter of tweaking the body of your piece in order to ensure it’s pointed in the new direction you’re trying to go.


The organic traffic that your piece was already receiving is going to skyrocket. You’d be surprised just how much difference you can make by tweaking an existing article so that it fits in with the current state of affairs.

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO pro or whether this is news to you, give it a try! You’ve got nothing to lose, and you might just find your old content is going to start working for you again in new, completely unexpected ways.

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Eoin Connolly is an SEO specialist who works for Triple Vowel Content, where he’s their Chief Contributor. In his free time, he likes reading, playing music, and moaning about Manchester United.

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