Soccer’s History with Social Distancing: A How-To for Footy Players

NYC Footy, a soccer community located in New York, is raising awareness on social distancing by using one of the game’s rules: the free-kick distance. The campaign “translates” one of the current public health restrictions into a language very familiar and understandable to all soccer fans.

With New York City facing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the nearly 10,000 NYC Footy players are not able to gather at their usual playing fields to enjoy their favorite sport. But in the meantime, they released an instructional video that encourages everyone to apply a soccer rule off the playing field, by demonstrating the importance of keeping your distance in the game—and in real life.

“Social Distancing has been a hot topic in Footy for years,” the New York-based soccer community says on their social channels. “Some players get it. Other’s don’t. This video sums up soccer’s history with social distancing while sharing a message on the importance of following the rules.”

It’s a fun instructional video that encourages people to practice social distancing while also serving as a reminder. Plus, it emphasizes the importance of everyone’s commitment to this social practice to avoid infecting others –– simply by using soccer examples. Felipe Molina, one of the project’s creatives, explains where the idea came from: “Brands do need to be part of the conversation about Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean repeating the same message over and over. It’s a good opportunity to approach the problem from each brand’s perspective.”

The #RespectTheDistance campaign reminds New Yorkers to keep a safe distance as controversial videos continue to appear, showing crowds of people ignoring the social distancing rules.

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