How to Perform a Quick SEO Audit of Your Website

Search Engine is the main source of traffic for most of the websites. Every website owner requires understanding of how to keep tab on their website position and improving website for Search Engine. However, many website owners depend on marketers to know about their website’s visibility on Search Engines.

An SEO Audit checks the health of your website. SEO Audit will help find issues in your website and improve ranking in Search Engine. Anyone can use following steps to perform SEO Audit.

These steps will give you basic understanding about visibility of website on Search Engine and head start for SEO.  However, only SEO Specialist can perform In-depth website SEO audit.

8 Step SEO Audit

#1 Check how many pages are ranking in search engine

To check pages of website indexed by Search Engines use “site:” operator. Just search any website using Site: with domain name.

Quick SEO Website Audit


#2 Check Page Speed

Page Speed is now a ranking factor for Google. Check your Website’s page speed using Pingdom or google pagespeed insights.

Pagespeed Check for SEO by Pingdom

#3 Check Website is mobile-friendly or not

Check your website is mobile-friendly or not using Google’s mobile friendly test.

#4 Check Traffic on website using Google Analytics

Go to Google Analytics. Get detail about traffic on website from Google Analytics.

# 5 Check Broken Links 

 Broken links can hurt your SEO. Find broken links in your website using DrLinkCheck.

 Inbound Links


#6 Check Images Alt Tags

Google uses Alt tag to understand the subject matter of image. Check alt tags of all images.

#7 Check Organic Keywords and Clicks from search engine

Use Google Search Console to check Organic traffic detail.

#8 Check Duplicate Content in your website

All pages in your website should have original content. Having duplicate content will affect your website ranking. You can check duplicate content using Siteliner.

Check Duplicate Content

Now you know what improvements required to improve ranking of your website. There are 200+ ranking signals in Google’s algorithm. SEO requires long term commitment, handwork and dedication. Fix issues in website yourself or hire a SEO Expert who can further help you increase visibility of your website.

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