How To Improve Email Marketing Campaigns?

What are email marketing campaigns?

An email marketing campaign is an email sent from your business to your prospects or customers. There is a difference between prospects and customers in definition. We define a customer who would have already made one or more purchases from your business. A prospect may only still be an email address in which your business has previously collected, and is someone who has not done any business with you.

There are a few aspects you need to know and already in order to continuously succeed with email marketing.

Email templates that work on responsive design

Make sure your emails or email templates can adapt to responsive design. Nowadays, your users may access their emails through desktop computers, mobile phones or tablet devices. An effective email marketing campaign must be designed for all devices where the users may receive and read their emails. If you are properly tracking your email campaign’s performance, you may realize there is a large number of users opening emails from their mobile phones. This number may often be more than 65%.

Automate your email campaigns

Automate your email campaigns whenever possible. There are software or tools out there that you may sign up and use, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc. All of them are automation tool that allow you to schedule your emails, and set up and apply rules to send emails.

For how you should the email campaign tools for their maximum output, refer to these 15 marketing automation strategies.

Know the objectives of your email marketing campaigns

You need to know and define each of your different email marketing campaigns. You shouldn’t simply send the same email to everyone in your list. Previously, email marketing automation has been mentioned. That’s why whenever it is possible and appropriate, do apply automation for each different campaign type.

Here are some of the different types of email campaigns where you may make use of automation.

Welcome email campaign – This may be as simple as only one email message that get sent to your users when they sign up to use your service whether through your mobile app or website.

Nurturing campaign – In this case, your business is most likely the B2B type where you’re providing some services to other businesses. Most likely what happens is people who would subscribe to something such as your weekly industry newsletter that you offer, but they don’t immediately make any decision to pay and use your services. That’s why having a process to nurture your prospects is important. Eventually, you would want to convert a portion of the subscribers to paid clients.

Advanced segmentation campaign – Before you can send this type of emails, you’ll need to review your user database. For example, you may have a product that suits only users from a specific country. You will select all the users from this one country and put them into a new segment, and have this newly designed campaign start sending emails to them about this new product.

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