How Can Referral Marketing Increase eCommerce Sales

Referral marketing can be a great way to increase sales over a period of time. It’s the perfect way of getting in close contact with your core audience rather than finding an organic method of building traffic. If you’re having trouble figuring out why referral marketing is a great way to increase sales, here are a few short ways that it will help you enhance your presence.

Builds Interest Through Exclusivity

People always want to be in the know of what’s cool and unique. It’s kind of like going to a fancy black and white attire celebrity party. If you’re on the list, that means you hold some kind of popularity. You want to be the one on the blogs getting an exclusive look in Vanity Fair, GQ, or a big magazine that gets traffic. When you’re developing your referral marketing, you want to have those first 100 people get in on the action. This way you’ll find your identity and build a great relationship with people. The more they’re interested, the more you know you’ll have a hit on your hands. This certainly leads to more sales because those people are willing to support your cause.

More Social Media Impact


Referral marketing is also great when combined with a social media presence. Your referral team can set different links and banners on social media. This is a great platform to talk to people and find different trends in the market. You can also pitch your products on different things like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can set up business profiles that will allow you to sell directly to someone who’s interested. Along with increasing sales, it’s a cheaper form of promotion. Think about how someone on Periscope can show behind the scenes footage while sending a link directly to a product. They can show exactly what it looks like up close and personal. Also, if they have any of the team in on the scope, they can vouch for the product. It’s important to spread awareness to the brand with like-minded people.

Familiarity is Key

Another reason why referral marketing works is due to familiarity. It’s not enough to get a positive review or negative review from an outside source that doesn’t have your best interest in mind. It’s like hearing a review from a professional movie producer – there’s a bit of bias. However, if you have a close friend or relative that sees things a bit your way, you’re more prone to take the advice. Referral marketing is based on relationships. There’s a personal connection that you can’t deny. This helps to create more legitimacy. When your friend says something is good, you trust him more because you know the personality and the honesty that comes from the experience. That’s what increases your sales. If you want to start a referral marketing campaign, a good program you should check out is Omnistar Tell.

What are some ways that referral marketing has helped you increase sales? Post a note below with details.

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