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Google is the number one search engine globally, but Baidu has always been the most popular and used search engine in China (if your goal is to reach Chinese customers). Baidu by far has been leading the second (360’s, third ( and fourth (Alibaba’s search engines with a huge gap. It makes doing SEO on Baidu (and other Chinese search engines) more important.

Baidu Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are also powerful tools for the Chinese market. These days over 90% of Chinese people use search engines (i.e. mostly Baidu) for work purposes. So it is important for businesses (with websites) to rank high up on Baidu’s organic search results.

To get the huge tons of web traffic from Baidu, you will have to do Baidu SEO for your own business website, by either hiring a Chinese SEO person full time or outsourcing it to someone who knows what to do with Baidu search engine optimization.

Baidu in the early years of the Chinese internet was set up as the default internet search of many local internet cafes’ computers. These public computers’ web browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer) were pre-bookmarked with a yellow page homepage with Baidu as the search engine. This explains why Baidu has always been big.

Chinese people nowadays can spend many more hours on their mobile phones than their desktop computers. SEO experts would advise you to review if your website is friendly enough for mobile devices, especially lots of iPhone users are potential customers for many businesses.

Analytics for SEO

Getting search engine traffic is one thing, and analytics is another. That’s where SEO analytics comes in. For many global (or international) businesses with websites, Google Analytics has been the default analytics tool.

Google Analytics (GA) can certainly track the performance of your SEO easily. With GA, you can identify the pages and links your visitors click the most when coming through Baidu SEO (and other search engines). You always need a way (or a tool) to find out if a page you have optimized (or improved) are getting more visitors from Baidu.

Another tool is Baidu’s webmaster tool. With it properly set up for your Chinese site, you will see the important data including keywords, the crawl errors, indexation and more.

With so much analytics on-hand, you will be able to set up a full and professional Chinese SEO campaign which will take your website closer to the top of Baidu’s organic search results.

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gordonchoibiophoto Gordon Choi – Founder and Author of,, and Have been providing marketing strategies and technical solutions for clients for the Chinese market for years, through SEO, PPC, WeChat Marketing, and other online marketing channels. Have helped more than 100 client websites with the implementation of analytics setup and reviews of analytics data.

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