Free Blog Sites and Training

“YES! You can build a Professional Free Website and be online in just minutes from Right Now!

No Credit Card Needed!!

Use our Free Blog Sites Builder and Massive Training Package and you will have Your Own Ready-To-Rock professional online presence in record time.”

Why Create Your Business on Our Free Blog Sites Builder?

Free Blog SitesUnlike other free blog sites, Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with not only one, but TWO fully functional websites to totally customize as you wish. Nothing is held back.  The Free Starter membership is just that, free and all the bells and whistles.  Many other platforms provide you with minimal functions and then ask to to upgrade to some sort of “Pro” package in order to receive all the features you want.

I have been building websites longer than I care to remember and I know quality and web development pricing.  Wealthy Affiliate will not only provide you with state-of-the-art website hosting, over 1,000 free templates to choose from and absolute total control of all aspects of your website, they have the most stellar and complete training on the Internet.  Check it out and earn your Entrepreneur Certificate with their fully featured training!

But wait, That’s Not All!

free website training

In addition to a free blogs sites builder, over 1,000 free WordPress templates, the #1 training on the web, you’ll also have accesses to dynamic LIVE support.

Yep, LIVE support.

Most other website hosting platforms you can’t even call a real live person.  You have to open a “Support Ticket” for every little task!  You’re pretty much left stumbling around in the dark, spending days or weeks trying to get your new website up and running.  Not here!  I had this website up and began creating this content you’re reading within an hour!

Okay, so I had a little headstart in the technical department, but with Wealthy Affiliate training ANYONE can do it!  there are over 500 training modules for the beginner, intermediate or professional web developer.

What Else do You Get with Your Free Blogs Site Builder?

Building a website with a blog and advertisement around your business is just the first step.   I learned how to do this the old-fashioned way where everything had to be hand-coded.  Back in the day, we didn’t have WordPress and it’s wonderful drag-and-drop what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface.  Regardless, on top of the fully function WordPress CMS (content management system) with fully search engine optimized features (another element you don’t get with other free blogs sites) you will be trained on how to market your new website efficiently and effectively to bring in the web traffic (visitors) resulting in sales for you!

These features are automatically installed for you and ready to go:

  • SEO plugins – optimizes your website for Google
  • Spam plugins – prevents people from spamming your website comments
  • Social plugins – allows people to share your website via social networks
  • Analytics – allows you to track all the visitor behavior of people visiting your website

Want More ?  Did I mention this is Absolutely Free – Put Your Credit Card Away!

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for over a decade and they have chosen on of the most outstanding and highly responsive hardware platforms available today.  When you go through the Free Blogs Site Builder and begin creating your own unique content (around whatever business or topic you choose) your new webpages will be indexed by the major search engines as quickly as possible.  With other platforms that are so-called free, I assure you (from experience) this doesn’t happen.  Additionally, you have your website’s “health” fully monitored 24/7, scanned for viruses and backed up.  Nothing to pay for!  It’s completely done for free!

We will teach you how to build your first website, create compelling web content to attract your chosen clients, advertise and market.  From A to Z, you’ll have access to it all with LIVE support.  We will be your guide to online marketing success.

  1. You OWN the website and all of it’s content.  You can even move it later if you wish, although I don’t know why anyone would.
  2. YOU are in full control of all aspects of your website
  3. YOUR new website will be fully SEO optimized and ready to rock.

Wait, P.j., How is this Possible?

Wealth affiliates is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs helped each other succeed.  Systems are automatically in place by the owners (which you can actually talk to, if you wish) in which we can help each other drive traffic to our websites without competition.  Strength in numbers!

free blogs sites

create a website freeFree website blog

As I indicated above, there are only two memberships available in Wealthy Affiliate, Free and Premium.  With the free membership you gain immediate access to all the tools, system and support AND you can gain monthly, residual commission on anyone you invite to the business that upgrades to the other level, Premium.  You never are required to upgrade yourself.  Yes, you can absolutely remain a free member for as long as you like.  But, once you are gaining monthly passive commission, you will likely want to upgrade because your commission percentage doubles.

Here’s exactly how the passive residual income works:

affiliate residual income

So, as you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is TRULY a “Earn as you Learn” affiliate program.  And, again, you are never required to promote Wealthy Affiliate!  You can simply use the tools, LIVE support and incredibly extensive training to build and market not one but TWO fully functional, highly SEO optimized WordPress websites.  Your niche topic can be anything you wish and you are in total control of all aspects.

Free Blog Sites Starter

 free blogging sites start

This is absolutely the very best business opportunity available online. Don’t delay any longer! You can earn a full time income online and it all begins right here, right now.  No games, no scams and no overblown hype.  If you’re willing to learn and put in a little effort, you WILL succeed.  Join those of us that are making it happen daily.  I have been an affiliate coach for over five years and making money online for ten and I assure you this is the holy grail of knowledge, tools and support.

Click the Button above and start your Free Blog Sites engine Now!

residual income

36 thoughts on “Free Blog Sites and Training

  1. First impressions are that the presentation is very much like one of those sites that oversell and are short on content. Seems a bit busy to me.
    However as you read the information it becomes apparent that what you are describing in Wealthy Affiliate has some real substance.
    Good to know that there are legitimate free options available for a first time user out there.
    Like your title Pure Residual because a residual income is so different and more valuable to working a job.

  2. Very interesting post.

    It was good to point out that with other sites, you wait for ages to possibly get an answer to your question and that most of the time, you don’t hear back at all.

    Unlike you, I knew nothing about building websites when I started with Wealthy Affiliate. I had not idea what most of the terms meant I have learnt so much in the few months I have been here.


    1. Excellent, Lucinda. Stay motivated and it will happen for you. You’re off to a great start and in Fantastic company!

  3. Hey PJ, you’re right, anyone wanting an online business simply must have a website. WordPress makes life so much easier, I put it off for years because I was intimated by coding etc. But WordPress takes that worry away.

    This allows you to focus on your business more, but then you need to learn how to promote your business.

    Wealthy affiliate has it all covered and you chose right to promote them. It’s absolutely the best business option for anybody 🙂


  4. Hi PJ, just checked out your blog and was blown away. The posts are very informative and to the point. the posts are broken up by great visuals, and the colored headers really add to the quality. I have you bookmarked, and am eager to see next post. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi PJ,
    You have a very wonderful article and it’s personalized. I like your video introduction.
    You are pointing to Wealthy Affiliate which has the best online training to help you build your own website. Your articles tells all about it!

  6. Hello PJ Wow what an informative post I have learned a lot about the how to build free blog sites and numerous websites and that’s really useful. You have a done a great job here and I applaud your efforts in providing quality information to your readers. I particularly like the fact that you tell me to put my credit card away. Well done 🙂

    1. Thanks, Peter! I hope every reader gains some nugget of knowledge they can use on their own websites. There is plenty to go around! Cheers!

  7. Very informative page. It sounds like the Wealthy Affiliate program has a lot to offer. Everything from setting up a simple web site, a supportive community and great training. It is very refreshing to hear of a program that will offer so much for so little cost. Many products on the internet want your credit card first, but with the Wealthy Affiliate program, you get a chance to take the system for a test drive to see if you like it or not. It shows that they have good quality product and they want you to see it also. Thanks for sharing this information. I have found it very useful in my online opportunity research.

  8. I liked the introductory video you provide.The video gives that personal touch and lets them know something about you. i like that you explain in detail on your post all the items that are given to someone that signs up for a free site. The comparisons of Wealthy Affiliate (W/A) and other free website providers was a good idea. W/A provides so much more than other free website providers. Providing anyone access to the free website builder right in the post is a good idea. I did notice that in the comments from Affilazon he showed a link to watch a video but the link did not activate the video on my PC.

  9. Abigail, wow – totally cool, the way you presented the WA website and online marketing biz opportunity!

    Your style of presenting is so casual and non-aggressive, showing the reader in plain, simple facts, why WA is the best route to take is quite impressive.

    You made me want to sign up all over again, lol!

  10. Really good review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I really like WA website builder just like you. You can quickly build your sites either on the main domain or subdomains. It literally takes a minute.

    Another thing which I like about WA is their support. Whenever I send a support ticket I receive a reply pretty quickly, usually within the 1st hour.

    Memebers at WA are also very active. You ask a question and within 5-10 minutes you get an answer.

    What’s more you have access to the owners of the site. They answer your questions either on the public forum or through a private message that you can send to them. This makes this program more truthful I think.


    1. Awesome, Luke! I couldn’t agree more. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best of the top affiliate programs online. The free membership is fully featured with nothing help back and you can earn while you learn. You can upgrade whenever you are comfortable and you’re not pressured to break out the credit card until you are absolutely ready. It’s a fantastic way for anyone to begin an online home business opportunity.

      Thanks again for the comment!



  11. Wealthy Affiliate sounds a good place to start on a webpage voyage! Two free websites is amazing – especially if you have no money when you are starting off! The training sounds great also, as well as the referral scheme… I’m always a bit nervous when I see testimonials on a site but otherwise it all sounds good… so where’s the catch.. haha?? Sammi

    1. LOL! Sammi, the only catch is the willingness to learn and put it the effort. It’s not easy, but then again, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

      🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  12. Hello! I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I started out with the free membership for the first seven days and then took advantage of the first month for nineteen dollars and then went on to the yearly membership. I work on my website when I can and I appreciate the training I am getting. The websites are very easy to create.

  13. I’ve had experience with Wealthy Affiliate and it certainly helps me get the job done. It takes all the mystery out of the science of succeeding with an online business.

    And your post leaves an excellent impression of all that’s available through WA. Without needing a credit card to sign up, it’s a no brainer!

  14. This sounds like an amazing online opportunity, thanks for sharing P.J.
    Can you tell me whether you really think this is suitable for someone with no experience at all?
    Is it easy to learn and how can you make an income from setting up your own website?
    I’m happy to get started as long as I know it won’t be too hard for me to understand.

    1. Hello Lynne,

      Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for someone with no experience at all. The lessons and training are the best available and will walk you through setting up your first professional website step-by-step. There is also live support, videos and more.

      Of course, there’s also ME!


  15. Hi PJ,
    It is an interesting article and it provide valuable information about Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you about it being a great platform to use for making money online such as blogging and best of all, it is free to join.

    There are many online business opportunities out there, but nothing come close to the support, training, and service that Wealthy Affiliate offer to their members and obviously the reason, it has hundred of thousands of members already and still increasing.

    Thanks for this information.

  16. I’ve been trying gain success from online marketing for a few years and actually had given up at one point in time. Haha I really didn’t even want to sign up for WA actually but I decided to go premium strictly because so many other people seem to be having if not a lot of success then at least some type of success with this system. I’m still in the growing phase of my own webpage through WA but make no mistake that im not skipping a lesson any day even if I get a little frustrated. You website provides good feedback for the review of this site and I wholeheartedly agree that if you put in the work on these lessons then you can and will get success out of this system. Great informative webpage!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for stopping by. I have been doing this a long time and earning money online consistently and I can tell you that the wealth of information within the Wealthy Affiliate community is second to none. We’re happy to have you and if you need anything, just ask!



  17. Great Great platform to easily start your business!

    Wealthy Affiliate provides everything for you to succeed you just need to take it work with the tools. With so many success stories only shows that it’s more that possible, many people are doing it, you can too!

    The affiliate marketing training is definitely the BEST online. Free website hosting, outstanding support crew and continually updated tutorials and live webinars. There simply is nothing else that even comes close to Wealthy Affiliate. I highly urge you to join us! If you have ever considered making some extra money or even replacing your full time income with an online business opportunity, don’t delay! Click the link above and start your journey to monthly recurring income and online business success!

    See you on the inside!

  18. I was actually looking for a free website builder system when I stumbled across this article…
    First things first – could you maybe tell me what is the difference between a blog setup and a website setup?
    It’s really confusing to me – aren’t they both the same?
    Secondly, this platform that you are covering with the builder – does it except members from all countries?

    1. Hi Chris,

      A “Blog” versus a “website” is a common source of confusion. This goes back to the days BEFORE the very fist blog, when all websites were written in some form of HTML. Then, the blog came along a “journal” of sorts for webmasters. It was a “bolt-on” to a website. Just an additional feature. But, it became so popular that it overtook the main website due to it’s interaction abilities. Thereby, the “blog” platform expanded and now CAN be an entire website all by itself, instead of simply one facet of the website. So, in this sense, a Blog CAN indeed be a website on all it’s own. But, it doesn’t have to be. It’s a personal choice.

      Yes, it covers about 95% of all countries. There are a few minor exceptions due to Paypal laws, I believe.

  19. Hello PJ,

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds great indeed. Over the years I have been looking for a way to build my own business website, but anytime I try, I get stacked on the way and then give up.

    So, I’m very happy I came across your article about how Wealthy Affiliate can help me to easily get all the help I need to set up my own business website.

    I know that this community will be so great as you rightly said. I surely need help to build this website of my and to learn how I can make money out of it. You mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate will help me build not just one, but two FREE website.

    And aside that you also said that they have a training will teach me how to make money from my website for free and I think this sounds so great. I don;’t think there such an offer available anywhere on the internet.

    I’m going to sign up now and start building my website at Wealthy Affiliate. thanks a lot for sharing this information with me.

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