Five Reasons Why Holiday Parks Need to Invest in Their Website

In today’s world, it’s essential that holiday parks have a website and a top quality one at that.

While much of your business is done offline, there are still plenty of reasons why it’s important to invest in your website and here are five of them.

People are Booking Differently

The fact is that these days, more people than ever before are buying and searching online, with an estimated nine out of ten researching their holiday online and as many as 80% booking online according to Travel Weekly.

This means that you need to really be focusing your efforts on your online presence and making sure that your park is as visible as possible to potential guests.

Just take a look at your competitors and the chances are that they have a top quality website, which means that you’re losing out on loads of potential bookings to them!

It Means You’re Open 24/7

People are also searching for information right around the clock, choosing to research holidays and accommodation outside of the regular nine to five, perhaps on their way to work or when they get home in an evening.

And while you can’t be on hand at all hours to answer any queries or take bookings, your website can be, which will ultimately lead to more bookings and revenue.

It’s also a place that allows you to freely advertise your park 24/7, 365 days a year. Think of it as a sales brochure that you can reproduce and reach thousands of people with, for absolutely no cost!

Grow Brand Awareness

Nowadays, your park’s website is probably going to be the first thing that any potential customers see and it’ll go a long way to forming their first impression of the park.

If your site isn’t up to scratch, it can instantly give your guests the wrong idea and damage your brand reputation.

On the other hand, if you have a really great, functional website, it instills confidence in your potential guests.

Check out this post for some more information on just how important your web design is to the site’s success. For example, did you know 38% of people simply stop engaging with a site if they don’t find it visually attractive?

Gain Insights

Having a website allows you to capture all kinds of valuable information on your guests and users, using software such as EliteParks.

All of this information is invaluable from a marketing perspective, finding out the needs and desires of your guests and monitoring booking trends.

You’ll also build up a database of contact details of your guests, allowing you to target them with email marketing in the future and hopefully convince them to return.

Improved Communications

A website makes it much easier to communicate with your guests, whether directly or indirectly.

Consider adding a blog to your site so that you can keep your guests updated with the latest news from the park and local area.

You’ll also want a contact form so that guests can easily ask specific questions and get answers direct to their email inboxes.



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