Does it worth buying organic website traffic in 2021?

The answer is yes! It is worth buying organic traffic for a head start to your new website. As you know, the new site might take some time to be known among the audience, so the site should have enough traffic to make it renowned. Thus, organic web traffic becomes a foundation for its launch. Once it gets known in the market and among the audience, it will start generating organic traffic.

You must be thinking, what is organic traffic? People who are new to the website world must know about this technique to launch their business. Organic traffic refers to the visitors that land on your page or website due to unpaid search results. Page traffic and organic traffic are opposite. In paid traffic, the visits are generated through paid ads. In organic traffic, the visitors can search your website through Google or Bing and are not referred by any other websites.

You can quickly increase your organic traffic by publishing relevant and quality content. This is one of the strategies of acquiring a new you and loyal audience. Through SEO, you can directly improve organic traffic as it is one of the marketers’ primary marketing strategies.

Steps you need to follow for generating Organic traffic

  • Know the terms that you want to rank for
    • Checking your competitor’s website
    • Know the top pages of your website
    • Review the results
    • Check the list of keywords that helps in ranking all the pages.
  • Search for the terms
    • Look for someone who isn’t your competitor.
    • Search for a page that is not monetized or sells any services or products
    • Look for a site owned by a small company
  • Hit the website
    • getting touch through their contact page or phone number or email id
    • Don’t pitch through an email and keep them short
    • Find out what is the conservative conversion rate of each click
  • Monetizing the page
    • If you are selling a product, add the product link which helps in monetization
    • While modifying, do not change or erase a lot of content on the page
    • Add disclaimers while monetizing the page

Importance of Organic Search Traffic

  • Cost-  The essential advantage of organic search traffic is cost minimization.  With the help of a paper click as you ensure that your company is linked is displayed on the potential site’s front page. If you have a sound SEO principle, then the cost per click for Organic search traffic is nil. This helps your company to stand over your competitors who are trapped in this cycle.
  • Competition-  organic traffic can effectively decrease your competitor’s online presence. The efforts you invest in improving your organic traffic will eventually appear in your site’s search rankings. It will increase the rankings of your site, which will push down your competitor from the list.
  • Credibility- Organic traffic is advocated for its credibility. Most users are aware of the score at this stage, and companies approaching paid site traffic are left behind in market credibility and presence. With the help of organic traffic, the online marketing and web design team help solidify its online reputation and presence. 
  • Combined approach-  As you know, the internet users are non-homogenous, so some prefer to exercise through to click paid ads while some through search engines. This helps the business strategize a combined approach for integrating both paid advertisement and organic traffic. 

Steps to increase organic traffic

  • SEO an important ranking factor

The primary benefit of SEO is that it offers a permanent result. If you set up your site for search engine robots, it will give you a better result than channel your efforts on advertisements. It is essential to select the keywords through search volume as it helps your site to grow organically. As you maintain the balance between high-search and low-search keywords, you can easily maintain your site’s ranking.

  • Creating a blog for your online store or site

   You must create a functional blog for your site if you don’t have it. Blogging is an effective approach to attract the audience and generate traffic. Thus, it generates more sales for your business through SEO. By linking your online store with your blog, Google will perceive your niche as relevant and will give you a better rank on the search results.

  • Active on social media

In today’s era, you don’t exist if you are not present on social media platforms. To generate organic traffic for your business block and quality content on your site is essential but with that backlinks and mentions on social media platform is also necessary.

  • Design of your site

Generally, the first impression is the last impression. Therefore the user’s first experience on the site should be great. Due to an unfriendly web interface, the site might receive a high bounce rate. This will reduce the website ranking drastically. 

  • Headlines and first paragraphs

Headlines and first paragraph are an essential factor while ranking a page. The elements on the sides are optimized according to the keywords. The first paragraph contains the main keyword, which explains what is there in the article. Through subtitles, the readers can easily understand what they will get on that page.   

All the above points will make it worth buying the organic traffic for your site. You can ask for help from various companies for the same. One of the best companies that will help you in purchasing organic website traffic is SearchSEO. It is one of the leading companies where you can find solutions to all your website related problems. The company is dedicated to digital marketing and advertisements.

SearchSEO helps in buying organic traffic from various companies like Canada, the USA, India, etc. You don’t need to worry about the cost as the company offers packages which are pocket friendly and are best for your site. The experts will help you select the best package that offers SEO for site ranking, and organic website traffics.

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