An Explainer Video can Convince Your Visitors to Buy!

Are you making your visitors scroll through endless sheets of sales copy text that he/she is unlikely to read? You are simply sending business away, and you should have a rethink like right away! This is because videos help a consumer to make informed decisions about a product. More than 80% of visitors that lands on your web page are more likely to purchase from you after watching an explainer video about your product or service. Feeling all excited about this discovery already? We are too, and we have put together some factors to consider before jumping on the explainer video bandwagon!


  1. Understand your target market: is the key to a successful explainer video story. Although there are several video production companies with the in-house business analyst that can help you forge an idea for your animated video, nobody knows your business or its potential customers like you do! Instead of running to the video production company, the first thing to do is to brainstorm and attempt to understand the personality and characteristics of your target audience. This would help to determine if the video tone would be funny, formal, adventurous, or conservative. The tone of your video would set the pace for every other aspect of your explainer video such as voice over, colors, graphics and script to fall in place.
  2. What solution are you offering: every business is set up to offer a solution to one of the many problems in our world. You must identify that problem, and your business must possess the solution. What problem are you trying to solve for your customers? This would be the central theme of your explainer video.
  3. Simplicity is the Key: Research has shown that most videos that went viral are pretty simple with a clear message and a defined goal. It is highly recommended that your video tows that line of thought by making it very easy for your viewers to summarize your video in one to three sentences.
  4. The right video production company: If your business does not have an in-house team member to produce the video, then you have to outsource it to video production companies. How do you pick the right one? You can start by asking them a few of these questions; will they work with you from conception to completion on the project or just produce the animated? After studying their portfolio, would you say their videos are engaging – holding your attention till the end? Are their videos tailored to meet the needs of each client they worked with previously or do they all look alike?
  5. Time is key: Trusting on your prowess with words to write an epistle that sells? Just dump it! Explainer videos don’t need long, boring sales copies. 60-180 minutes of pure action focusing on the problem, offering solutions and a powerful, effective call to action is all you need. This would make visitors panting for more and irk their desire so that they would love to know more about your business.
  6. Brilliant and effective script: The ideal speaking speed for an explainer video is 150 words per minute. This is divided into a problem, solution, how it works and a powerful call to action. Remember that you are telling a story about your business – a story that could lead to business growth and success, so ensure it is a story that converts.

Taking cognisance of these factors before proceeding to implement an animated explainer video on your website landing page could bring the much-awaited success that your business needs! Check out Again Studios if are interested in hiring a company to make explainer videos for your services or products.

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