A Quick Guide to DVD Pressing for Video Production Companies

Choosing the right media format can be an important decision for video production companies. With technology advancing and evolving so fast, it’s not always easy to know what to entrust your media to, especially when there is so much choice out there.

With that said, DVD is still an extremely popular choice when it comes to video. Not only is it easy for consumers to buy, store and use, it’s easy for those on the production and distribution side of things. In fact, replicating DVDs through pressing for distribution is an efficient process which can be incredibly useful for those why are trying to get their media out to as many consumers as possible for as little cost. So, what is DVD pressing and what are the benefits?

What is DVD Pressing?

The process of DVD pressing allows for the replication of a DVD. A glass master is used as a ‘negative’, creating a stamper which is then used to press the new discs. The glass master can be thoroughly checked to make sure that there are no errors or data corruption so all the copies made from the master are correct. This method is usually used when replicating a large number of DVDs, typically 500 or more.

What are the Benefits of DVD Pressing?

There are a number of benefits of DVD pressing which means that it is a great choice for video production companies. These include:

Low Cost and Efficient

DVD pressing is a cost-effective solution when you’re looking to replicate a large number of discs. As the pressing process can be used to replicate a high volume of DVDs, it is a particularly efficient method which means that you can save money and time.

Top Quality

Being able to save money and time is irrelevant if you end up with a second-rate product. However, with the DVD pressing process, you can be assured of the quality of the finished item. By using a glass master which is thoroughly checked, you can be sure that every DVD created from this master is absolutely accurate and high-quality.

The Popularity of DVDs

Of course, these things are only beneficial if there is a demand for DVDs in the first place. Thankfully, these discs are still incredibly popular with consumers for a number of reasons. One article from VDC Group gives a number of reasons for the ongoing popularity of DVDs, including the quality. They say,

When it comes to streaming services, even the best packages can’t compare to the quality of physical media. Having a good viewing experience often hinges on these factors, and with the unreliability of home wifi, you are much more likely to enjoy clear audio and picture with a disc.

With DVD pressing, you can take advantage of all of these benefits and get your media out to as many consumers as possible.


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