7 Things To Remember Before Choosing A WordPress Theme

WordPress is a pool of thousands of incredible themes and plugins. One can easily get confused and overwhelmed by the different range of themes, both free and premium available in WordPress. Choosing the perfect theme for you is really important; so how will you know which theme is the one for you?

Here in this article, we will walk you through some important steps to remember before selecting the best theme for you.

One thing to be noted is that WordPress themes just completes your need of having a website. But it has its own boundaries. You can’t customize it if you don’t have any programming knowledge. This is where an experienced web developer comes handy. However, if you just need a simple website, themes is the way to go.

Know what features you want in your theme

Making a list of features you want in your theme should always be the first priority before choosing a WordPress theme. The filter option available in WordPress eases your search for the theme with the features you actually want in your theme. Know the features you want is available in free or premium theme. Also, it is better to know your budget before you invest in the premium version of the theme.

Focus on simplicity and prioritize your theme color

While searching for a theme, you will come across a ton of flashy looking themes. For some flashy speaks to them but for you it might not be the case. So, always aim for a simple designed theme  that looks classy and elegant but is able to attract just the right audience you want.

Another factor to keep in mind is the color of your theme. Finalize on the theme that visualizes your site and blends in perfectly with your business and your logo.

Check for responsiveness

The boost in the digital gadgets and the reach of sites to even the smallest of devices has made the need of website responsiveness has peaked a lot. Having a responsive theme is not just an option but an important element for your site to reach your targeted audience. So, focus on the mobile friendliness of the theme

Browser compatibility

Not everyone prefers the same browser to surf through internet. You need to choose a theme that will look perfect on every browser the theme is viewed on. Almost all themes in WordPress have been tested for browser compatibility. But, you have to test the theme for yourself just to be sure.

Plugins support

Your theme might not be able to do all the job without the help of the plugins. Plugins are the superpowers of a theme that will visually be able to provide different range of features. Look for the themes that support all the popular plugins and other important ones you want your theme to support.

Support for any issues

Customer support is one of the main reasons why the WordPress themes are really popular. Read the reviews made by the customers and try to know about the support system of the theme and their developers. You benefit a lot from choosing a theme with an incredible support since any issues will be solved quickly and your customer traffic won’t be hampered.

SEO friendly

Not all themes in wordpress are seo friendly but there are tons of plugins that will assist your theme to be more seo friendly. Having a site that is seo friendly is the most crucial part of being market exclusive. So, look out for the themes that say that their pages are seo friendly. Also, check the loading period of the theme.




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