7 Content Marketing Challenges For Small Businesses

You will come across numerous people online praising content marketing for its many benefits. What business owners fail to realize, however, is that inbound marketing isn’t  a set and forget it form of marketing. It’s a process that calls for constant and consistent delivery of relevant content in order to showcase your expertise and boost your visibility.

In this read, we are going to look at some of the biggest challenges for small businesses seeking content marketing services.

1. Determining Your Content Marketing Goals

Why do you want to get into content marketing? With the many benefits it has to offer, which one are you most interested in? This is important as it will determine the kind of content you publish.

2. Focusing on a Narrow Target Audience & Comprehending Their Challenges

Many business owners find it challenging to pick the best target clients. To succeed in content marketing, you need to focus and publish the right content at the right time to help the audience make a buying decision.

3. Adequate Time & Resources For Producing the Right Content For Your Audience

Publishing quality content is no walk in the park and calls for patience. However, since it’s important to you, take the time or find a party that can handle the writing for you. With an extra pair of hands on a content marketing campaign, all you’ll have to do is review the content for posting.

4. Creating a Content Plan that Gives The Road Map For the Kind of Content to Post

Creating an editorial calendar is vital to success. Laying out your content with details like media type, promotion targets, and publish date helps you stay on track. This is an aspect you cannot just wing and hope for the best.

5. Creating Content With Focus & Clarity

If you make posts based on a single or narrow subject, you’ll find yourself publishing more focused content that’s easy to consume. Although the trend nowadays is to publish long-form content, shorter ones can still help you gain more visibility. After publishing a few shorter posts, you can then focus more on cornerstone content. This form of content should provide more details around key areas of expertise.

6. Failure to Know Where To Publish Content In Order to Reach the Target Audience

You can have the best content out there, but you do not promote it to the right people, it won’t be of much use. Knowing where your target audience is will help determine where to publish.

7. Failure to Understand What Content to Publish and the Ideal Format

This takes us back to knowing your goals and comprehending the needs of your target audience. What you publish and its format needs to match your ideal clients. If your audience does not like your clips or they are hard to consume, your results won’t be what you expected. So, in videos, for example, ensure you include text to accompany them.


And there you have it, 7 challenges that most small business owners face when it comes to content marketing. With this knowledge, things should be much easier.

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