5 Top Tips For Email Marketing Success In 2017

Top Tips For Email Marketing

Email marketing is smarter than ever in 2017, and it continues to be one of the top marketing tactics you should be embracing to grow your business.

Email marketing is a measurable, targeted and highly effective tool, and it is also extremely cost effective. But how can you improve your email marketing efforts and really get the most out of your campaigns? In this guide, we’ve put together 5 of our top tips for email marketing success for the year ahead.

Don’t rely on automation

While engaging your leads as soon as they sign up through an automated welcome email is often a good idea, don’t rely solely on automated emails. While automation makes marketing easier and is an essential part of any campaign, don’t lose sight of the needs of those you are trying to connect with.

Don’t email too frequently

UK Business Lists told us “try to give your customers a bit of space, as the number one thing that turns people off is feeling like you are spamming them. You may have lots of exciting updates to share, but take a second to think about how frequently you’re sending out emails. If you’ve got a schedule, make sure you stick to it!”.

Run re-engagement campaigns

When your subscribers are not engaging with the emails you are sending out, how do you know whether it’s time to remove them? Re-engagement campaigns are a great way to simply ask them whether they are still interested.

By segmenting those on your list who have low engagement rates, you can then send them an email trying to win their custom back. For example, many retailers will offer a discount code or special offer. If you still receive no engagement, it’s time to remove them from your list.

Prepare for the holidays

You can really maximize your conversions if you prepare for the major holidays throughout the year. Take advantage of these opportunities to think about what your customers really want.

Your customers are already looking for great deals during these times, so now is your chance to stand out from the competition and be really creative.

Seek to improve

Taking inspiration from successful campaigns is a good way to improve your own! This Hubspot roundup of their favorite email marketing examples is a great place to start!

It is also important to take a look at your own campaigns regularly in order to understand which have worked well, or which perhaps didn’t achieve what you wanted and really take the time to understand why, and how you can improve next time.

It’s also a good idea to use A/B testing. While it is a great way to figure out what works and what doesn’t remember to only change one thing at a time in order to get accurate results. Check out this post from Kissmetrics if you are unfamiliar with A/B testing.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for ways to improve your email marketing efforts in 2017, as it is one of the most valuable tools in your marketing arsenal.

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