5 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Often Make and How To Avoid Them

Websites that put forth little to no effort are no longer going to rank high in search engine results. Why? The Internet has become a competitive market and, for new players to come in, they need to do the work for them to be recognized.

There are thousands of articles that talk about how you can drive traffic to your website. However, a limited number of them talk about the common mistakes newbies make with SEO.

The majority of bloggers focus primarily on producing high-quality content. Why is that? Every article you read on the Internet states “content is king.” However, you’re missing out and making costly mistakes when you subscribe to this theory. What are some of the most common mistakes bloggers often make?

Failure To Give Search Engines Your Website

It’s important that your website is submitted to search engines once the blog has gone live. The moment your SEO blog goes live, you need to make sure that you submit it – the quicker, the better, so the search engine indexes it.

Developing Content With No Regards To Keyword Research

If you write content without doing any research on keywords people are using to find products/services related to yours, you’re just not going to get any views on your page. Your content, no matter how good it is, is worthless.

Before you create content, make sure you do a thorough keyword research. There are an array of paid and free tools that you can use to help you out. For instance, there’s the option of Google AdWords, which is a keyword planner tool that produces your keyword ideas. The longer-tail keywords are more effective at targeting your audience. Long-tail keywords can be created by grouping dissimilar but related keywords together to develop one keyword.

Overuse of Keywords

When you find a keyword that works, you don’t want to overstuff the website with it. Overuse of a keyword can lead to the search engines penalizing your website. Don’t overstuff the website and content with keywords. Use them naturally.

Failure To Correctly Optimize Images

The majority of bloggers use a plethora of images with their content without including image descriptions or alt tags. If you don’t do this, it will have a negative effect on your search engine rankings. Search engines look for information and not having images optimized does you more harm than good.

Keep in mind that you need to have proper image SEO to attain higher SERP rankings. Be sure your keyword is included in the file name, title, alt tags and description tags. Use your keywords naturally – no stuffing them.

Using Untrustworthy Backlinks

You probably have heard that you need backlinks for your website to boost its authority, right? Whoever is telling you this is correct, but you need the right backlinks to become an authority. While there are no right or wrong backlinks, you don’t want to use spammy backlinks if you can help it.

What To Remember…

The process to rank high in the search engine takes time, and by avoiding the above SEO mistakes, it can be much quicker. There is no science behind SEO; it’s an art that people learn with some experience and time. By using the above information, you can become a better, more successful blogger.

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